Secure profit LLC is company owned and set up by Ahmed Al Ansari in 2006 to provide long-term finance to viable infrastructure projects via a Special Purpose Vehicle. We are a Non-Banking Finance Company ('NBFC') engaged in providing Business loans and Leasing solutions to small and large Enterprises.

The Secure profit LLC has built a significant presence in Middle East with superiority in field of Financing, Asset management, Private equity, Wealth management and General trading services. With three distinct asset classes - private equity, infrastructure equity and real estate Secure Profit LLC alternatives offers investors a range of risk-return profiles.

Our consulting services provide a full range of services to buyers and investors:

  • Property Management
  • Legal structures
  • Due diligence
  • Financial and Tax consulting
    • Lease and Finance

      We provide the finance to corporate clients based on the analysis of their projects, existing business, and financial strengths etc. to meet normal capital expenditure. The duration depends on project itself, with repayment in monthly installments.

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    • Real Estate Market

      Our investment consultants provides an extensive and exclusive range of the most attractive real estate sectors where we assist our clients throughout the acquisition process from sourcing and identification, through to negotiation, due diligence and asset management.

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